Marlon Teixeira For A|X, Calvin Klein, Vogue Nippon, And Adriana Lima


Love Rie Rasmussen. Looking forward to see the campaign.

Wow, the boy on this video is the male version of the young Charlotte Rampling (the most beautiful girl in Europe during the early 70s). He could be her son or something....the resemblance is uncanny.

Does anyone know his name?

he's the son of Charlotte Rampling?!
that makes a lot of sense, and it explains why he enjoys reading so much
Soldier, did you take note of that smile at 0:19 when he's looking at the paperback novel?
(of course you did, you take note of every detail lol)

Miss Rampling, 1974, nel "Portiere di notte"

Readers> please tell me if my JPG links are coming across as hyper-links or do you have to
copy-paste (as I have to do, using macbook/safari) ?

and Maestro> I'm glad that the silver screen is seducing you
the human body should move, not just stand still ... and this one even shaves, rolls over in a hammock and runs
(with the grace of a loping stallion)

*please don't censor this*

Tell me the truth, guys: Doesn't Marlon look like he is about to have an orgasm, in the Armani Exchange photo? It is as if someone was giving him a BJ and at the moment of truth, a photo was taken.

Lucius, the model in the video is Sean O'Pry, as listed in the ending credits. He reminds me a little of Edilson Nascimento.

Note to Picada: Your JPG links are NOT coming across as hyper-links. We DO have to copy&paste them, unfortunately. :(

Herr Soldat > Das stimmt nicht. Marlon Teixeira heisst nicht DeVeren Bookwalter. Er ist ein Faun, ein Wolfsgott. In dem foto, MT pfeift zu einer Amsel.

The faun photo was very funny!

You really need to warn a girl before she watches that video in the middle of the day when her husband is at work. Jesus!


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