Get Your Copy Of Made In Brazil Magazine #1

The first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine is finally available online starting today at Only 1,000 copies of the issue are available, and all the content is exclusive to print. There is no advertisement or text, just 96 pages of pictures with over 20 of the country's biggest male models photographed by Cristiano Madureira. Make sure to get a copy (or two) so we can start working on the next one.

We created the magazine (which is almost really like a book) to be a collector's item, and we intend on keeping it that way if possible, with a different theme and new collaborators and ideas in each issue.

Here is what you will find in Made In Brazil Magazine #1: an 18-page spread with Evandro Soldati, a 14-page story with Arthur Sales, pictures of Alex Schultz, André Ziehe, Edilson Nascimento, Francisco Gassen, Francisco Lachowski, Igor Medeiros, Leo Peixoto, Lucas Mascarini, Marlon Teixeira, Mateus Verdelho, Max Motta, Michael Camiloto, Mihaly Martins, Rafael Lazzini, Raphael Lacchine, Rodrigo Calazans, Romulo Pires, Tiago Gass, Thiago Santos, Thomaz de Oliveira, plus newcomers Gabriel Burger, Jonathan Dalcin, Natan Machado, Rael Costa, and Victor Azzolini. All in 11"x15" format.

Thanks to all of you who attended the launch party on Tuesday night at Cartel 011 in São Paulo, and to Heineken and Burn for providing drinks to the party. It was pretty major, and I am really happy with people's reaction to the publication. Also thanks to the guys at Colletivo for designing the new site for the magazine.

You can buy a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #1 at I have also posted links for online purchase after the jump.

If you are in Brazil, click here to purchase a copy online or email us at

Please not that we are only offering shipping via SEDEX in Brazil right now but cheaper shipping options are supposed to be implemented on the site next week.

If you are in São Paulo, you can also get a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #1 at Galeria Mezanino. Make sure to reserve a copy in advance at as the number of copies available is limited.

For all international orders:


All copies are shipped directly from Brazil, and we are working on trying to lower shipping costs for international orders for the next issue. At the moment, the least expensive rates we can get with the Brazilian Postal Service are around $23 because of the size of the issue (11"x15" or 26cmx37cm). We know it is expensive, but I can guarantee you we are not making any profit on shipping charges.

All international orders are shipped through the Brazilian Postal Service. To request Fedex  International Priority shipments, please contact us at Additional charges apply for Fedex services.

For an exclusive preview of the first issue, visit


I'm in love with Francisco,Arthur and Marlon.
Basically this is best thing ever and Francisco is so cute and sweet loooking.I love his smile .
Marlon is amazingly sexy and Arthur is so much fun to watch he really gives it his all.


Maestro :: superb soundtrack for the promo !!
I love the retro nod to the '60's -- and the fun, exciting music of pink panther, man from u.n.c.l.e.
Interesting that there's no text. Excellent.

Why shipping to brazil is so expensive??
Is the shipping price shown on the website right???

Sério 33.00 reais de sedex para o Rio é palhaçada!!! Achei o preço da revista super razoável, mas pagar mais de 60% do valor da revista de shipping?! Não vejo nenhuma razão lógica pra isso e o pior é q não há outra opção sem ser sedex.

Faço a mesma pergunta do Frederico sobre a forma de envio...


Just bought my copy, can't wait to have it in my hands!!

I am in love with Arthur. How cute was to see him jumping and making faces? He is the most adorable human being on the planet.

i have been an avid reader of your blog for years. i love your blog and i love your new venture with this magazine. will not let this opportunity pass. just added it to cart :)

A partir de segunda-feira estaremos disponibilizando tambem a opcao de envio via PAC, razoavelmente mais barata do que SEDEX. A opcao era para ter entrado no ar ja hoje, mas nao queriamos atrasar o lancamento do site.

Separamos uma quantidade de copias da revista para entrar em estoque junto a opcao de envio via PAC, e iremos informar assim que a mesma estiver disponivel na pagina do Made In Brazil no facebook e no twitter @blogmib.

Em Sao Paulo a revista tambem esta disponivel na Galeria Mezanino. Sugerimos reservar uma copia pelo email pois a quantidade e limitada.

Just ordered my copy. :)

Wait ... Is Mihaly Martins Brazilian? Where in Brazil? I always thought he was Swiss. Why have you never featured him here? He's been very successful ...

how on earth am I going to justify this purchase to my husband?! I'll have to figure something out! lol

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