How Cute Is This Picture?


As I mentioned last week, Edilson Nascimento is now a daddy. His son is called Henry Lira do Nascimento. Congrats!


how about creating a tag ::: Pais e Filhos

"O que faz de nós pais e filhos não é a carne e o sangue, mas o coração."

Absolutely precious!! Congrats to both parents!

I wish him lots of happiness! He must be so proud.

Another Supermodel is born...

Cute pic but he's so young ...

Very sweet! Nice to see a new picture of Edilson along with his son.

Congratulations! Doesn't hurt to be a supermodel and a hot dad at the same time ;)

All the best to your family! ;)

Congratulations Edilson!! A son is really a precious thing! Wish you and wife the very best! ;-)

The picture is beyond cute. It is adorable and very moving. Proud Papa with son. Congrats to Edilson and the Mrs. How wonderful! I'd say the little guy is one lucky baby.

This is beautiful! Handsome dad, gorgeous kid. Hoping for the best for Edilson.

There are certain smiles that can only come from the heart. He certainly has one for his lovely little girl!

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