André Ziehe For 2(x)ist


André Ziehe is the new face (and body of course) of SLIQ, the latest collection from 2(x)ist. View brand new images of the print campaign after the jump.


SLIQ marks the return of 2(x)ist to print advertising in America. The campaign was photographed by Roger Moenks, and is featured this month in Details and Out. Make sure to check out a much more revealing shot of André in the new SLIQ thong over at 2(x)istence.


Wow, Photoshop much? His snap with the "I love MIB" card shows him as a scary-looking red/sunburnt freak!

He's so smokin' hot that I want to throw water on him.

OMG, I saw his tushy! it is a tight, round, perfect bubble butt.

I loved André's "robotic" look on this spread. The photoshop treatment, make-up, and facial expressions are just perfect. I would love to buy a robot just like André, to do all sorts of things at home with me.

Well he's perfect for an underwear ad.The bottom part of his body is quite stunning in photos.
Mmm Lucius,"to do all sorts of things at home with me",I don't think you mean clean the bedroom,right?Maybe with his help,to destroy the bedroom!
I'd like to say more about André,but I prefer to shut up(and that arse is to die for)

Yes, Alek. André and I would put the room on fire. It would self-ignite because of the heat waves emanating from our activities in bed!

he looks like Tom Cruise

Yes, he is very hot...the perfect underwear model!

These pics aren't doing Andre any favours... Both him and 2xist have had better days in my opinion. The underwear is hideous!

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