Worst Use Of Amazing Models In A Brazilian Campaign This Season


I can't believe jeanswear label 2nd Floor booked two of my favorite Brazilian boys for its fall 2010 campaign, but forgot to think of a decent concept for the pictures. Such a shame because the two boys are brilliant (and so are Jessica Bertoncelo and Camila Finn who also appear in the ads).

View more images of the new 2nd Floor campaign after the jump.





you forgot to mention that the clothes are incredibly boring and really different from the runway looks that were kind of awesome.

it looks like an editorial for a teen mag such as Capricho. The couch in the florest is a kind cool...if the models had better hair and make up and the boys were completely naked the end result would've been more interesting.

It's all absolutely boring! The concept, the photos, the clothes, the bluesh lights... Absolutely boring and uptight.
Looking once again after reading Luiza's post it realy kind of remaind me of all that crappy-Twilight-teenager-bullshit and it all got even worst.

The main error here is the lighting, which is horrible. The second error is the way the models were directed. They look bored, with totally bland faces.

This campaign sucks, and I can't get over the Photoshop fog in the third picture, it looks tacky! Maybe they should've hired just two models and spend the rest of their money in lights and an art director.

Not good, but we have seen much worse, haven't we?

seems like Twilight rip off

Another campaign badly inspired by "Twilight". Where is the creative director? I think 2nd Floor just spent a lot of money hiring good models and wasn't able to pay a decent production staff.

they look bored out of their brains. and yes, major Twilight rip-off.

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