To Get You Through The Weekend: Garotos From Rio


This week I got an email from Brazilian photographer Lissandro Kael, who is based in Buenos Aires and a fan of the blog. He sent me pictures of two boys he shot in Ipanema a couple of weeks ago, and allowed me to post the entire spread here on Made In Brazil. View the result after the jump.








Models Diogo and Washington represented by White Models.

I will post a few more images on twitter @blogmib later today.

Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 to 2 images. Images must be accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit. All images copyright Made In Brazil and Lissandro Kael.


These are BIG guys. You have to be careful in case you want to fool around with them!

Deliciously rough looking.

Am a fan for a while.... finally some men.... Love them!

The Castro Gomes guy is definitely the sexiest guy I've seen here. He's everything I like in a man!

Beautiful, well-built, rugged men. Just great!

Plucked straight from the Jersey Shore. Average faces, huge bodies & ugly tattoos ... not models to me.

I wonder: why is THE ONLY woman here the one who posted negatively? Models or not, they modeled for those shots ... Loved them!

Big deal. Muscled guys are a dime-a-dozen these days. These guys look like thugs. Mr. Kael seems to be imitating the photographic style of Rick Day...


"woman"? You don't know any Italians - no? Andrea is one of the most popular MALE names among Italians.

Of course they 'modeled' for these shots but the word 'models' to me equates to fashion models which these guys are most certainly not.

OMG! Gorgeous HDR photos, and gorgeous boys.

Finally some MEN, and not the boyish twinks you so much promote on this site.

Thanks for posting some real men. Although I'm a fan of you blog, so of the twinks you post are a dime a dozen.

Cheap imitations of real models. The big one with the Arabic tattoos is a steroided out gogo dancer. They are making the SAME facial expression in every picture. Staring blankly into a camera in your underwear does not make someone a model.

All the markings are getting really old fast. In another ten years if they don't really watch their weight, they will be sagging and then things get really ugly in no time at all.

"The big one with the Arabic tattoos is a steroided out gogo dancer."

We've since discovered that's what the readers seem to like. Why they come to a website that's primarily about Brazilian fashion models & Brazilian actors [who generally look like fashion models!] is beyond me.

If anyone's curious, the arabic tattoo says "Thank you, I believe."
It's a nice message I think :)

i think i'm gonna include Ipanema in my travel itinerary this summer.

i read the arabic tattoo as: "shukran omiy" which means "thank you, mother."

Geee Andrea, relax and enjoy the view. There are men of all kinds on MIB and these two happen to be hot go-go-looking ones. I'd hit it ;) - Although the boys do look like they could use a little sleep.

I have a theory of my own, that these muscled up guys are not very good in bed. They are too much in love with their muscles to become good lovers.

I prefer the swimmer's body. I think that guys from 18 to 25 years old are the most beautiful in the universe. Guys like Arthur, Lachowsky, Lacchine the Lion, and even Evandro. I dream with these guys.

Well, I am a woman posting just to say these guys are superhot! I browse this site usually for fashion news and I have to agree, nice to see some beefy dudes for once!

awesome spread

Ai, ai, ai...


OMFG OMFG OMFG...and i´m a girl

Thanks for make my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love REAL MAN like these guys...

More, more, MORE real Brazilian MEN like these hot ones!

Built "models" like these in Rio usually are escort/rent boys. 'Nuff said. I think I've seen them at The Week a couple of times.

Daniel speaks the truth.

"Model" does not necessarily mean "fashion". People get photographed to sell anything these days. As for these guys.....WHEW! These guys are HOT and the photographs are very good. They have a mysterious quality. You try to imagine who these guys are and what they do. The third picture from the top and the running shower picture are incredible. That's just my opinion, anyway. I don't quite get the negative comments, though. Criticism is fine, but some of the comments here are downright bitchy.

They are both extremely hot and they do have a scent of a man.
I careless if they are real models, average beauty, st8 from Jersey, go-gos...lord have merci of all the negativity!


MIB : It's awesome to see different styles of men on this blog...congrats and don't give up. Keep find all styles. We do like MEN !!


The tattoos look great on these guys.

Diogo de Castro Gomes is unique. It looks like there are others who have a similar style but once you see him for the first time, you get pretty sure you have never seen him before, but you want to see him more. For the comments in here, it´s quite obvious that he makes people pretty excited. Let´s talk about diversity.

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