The Boys In Minas Gerais


Models Thiago Farnesi , Marden Ferrari e Antonio Luiz, at Minas Trend Preview, which started yesterday in Belo Horizonte.

Picture via @Holograms.


Don't know what to say except - WOW !!!!!!!!

Esse do meio é tudooooo!!!

who's that gorgeous antonio luiz?

All three guys have my interest and vote!

What a gorgeous trio!

Good things come in threes! Marden is adorable!

The one in the middle is the best. He has a mischievous smile.

>LV, it's fascinating how we humans decode something as subtle as a smile. I immediately thought the same thing as you about the middle guy.
If I were a film director, I'd ask Marden if he'd like to do a screen test -- and I'd ignore the other two. Maybe the smile is an accident; but maybe it indicates an impish personality that would come across well in films. IDK.

Yes Ira. I believe that boy has character. I believe he is naughty, naughty, naughty. No coincidence.

OMG they are gorgeous but Thiago is the best. He has a great smile that captivates everyone! In my opinion, the best one!

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