Art For The Weekend: SP Arte



If you are in São Paulo this week, make sure to take the time to visit SP Arte, which is going on at the Bienal building until Sunday and just so happens to be the biggest fair for art galleries in Brazil. I was there last night, and I am definitely going back over the weekend since some of the galleries have more accessible work on display on Saturday and Sunday.

And for those of you interested in getting a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine, Galeria Mezanino at SP Arte has a limited number of advanced copies of the first issue for sale.


Oh, to be in Sao Paulo at this time...! I did this very fascinating and unique cultural experience on two different occasions. What a magnificent time I had! I was overwhelmed and enhanced immensely and will forever remember and cherish those opportunities!!!

Please keep on posting about Brazilian ART (and CINEMA too, please)
SP Arte is taking place at Pavilhão da Bienal (Parque do Ibirapuera), interesting architecture by Oscar Niemayer, still alive at 102.

Please hire me as your editorial assistant, Maestro! (Are the images all correct?)

Maestro> did you return over the weekend and buy something?

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