Smile Like You Mean It


Model-turned-reality TV star Miro Moreira booked the ad campaign for Brazilian label Aramis again this season.


(Image Source: WLM)


Although i do not wear a men's fragrance often-- I do think I could go back putting on Aramis though!

The title speaks for itself...Fantastic! lol

you're right that smile is incredibly fake.


"Smize" Miro, smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize!

Eddwarm, Aramis the perfume is not the same brand as Aramis the brazilian clothes. No connection at all! BTW, I do have some perfumes from the Aramis range, including Havana, Aramis, JHL, and Tuscany. I love these, except Tuscany. Havana has recently been re-released, and it is truly a masterpiece.

Miro's smile is what brazilians call a "yellow smile": sorriso amarelo. it is very artificial.

Dear Lucius, thanks for the Havana tip. Love the pic in the truck's cab.

so what about his smile?
commercial are always artificial...

hello BEN "commercials are always artificial"
yes, but there is artifice that achieves the desired effect ... and there's artifice that doesn't

speaking of yellow smiles + other colorful words, I just looked at your blue motel series
I see that artifice vs. reality is a theme in your art (a fictional motel set-up yEt a model whose psychological reality is drawn out by your camera ... that's called in EN "breaking the 4th wall".

Lucias, muito obrigado for the clarification. It is most appreciated!!!

ira... sam the boy from my serie blue motel is a escort... it's not a fictive reality..

sam ... thank you for keeping the convo alive ... ira is now picada de morcego
THAT piece of information makes the whole work even more intriguing.
Because if one is able to interpret the real as the fantastical, that says a great deal about how they merge.
(but even if he is a real escort, your photo session is a set up)

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