Renata Sozzi Is On The Cover Of Vogue Brazil


I promised my friend Greg (and several readers) that I wasn't going to post the covers of Vogue Brazil until they were really worth mentioning, but I love Renata Sozzi so much that I figured I could break my promise just this month, and only because of her.

PS- I have to give Vogue Brazil credit for booking Renata over Isabeli, And Claudia, and all their other obvious choices. Now that the new girls are covered, how about new stylists as well?


My guess is that Vogue Brazil won't produce quality work because it simply doesn't have any incentive to do so. Think about it, who are the people that have Vogue sitting on their coffee table in Brazil? Are they true fashionistas? Hardly. They are mostly old-fashioned, tacky and conservative, and elitist - just like Vogue Brazil. The truth is, that like mostly everything else in Brazil, Vogue is heavily seen as a status symbol rather than for what really is: a fashion magazine. As merely a status symbol, Vogue Brazil has absolutely no commitment with fashion - it only exists to sit on coffee tables right beside "Caras" - and make the same old statement.

Renata is simply exquisite! I love her face!

new stylists and new photographers!!!
I don't like the cover at all.

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