Over 100 People Confirmed Dead In Rio's Heaviest Rain In Decades



So far 102 people have been confirmed dead in the state of Rio de Janeiro due to mudslides and flooding as a result of the most torrential rain to hit the state in 44 years. 180 buildings were closed off this morning, and over 2,000 people are homeless because of yesterday's 11 inches of rain. A state of emergency has been declared as the forecast predicts more rain for today and the rest of the week.

I have posted a video of the news in English along with links to updates and pictures after the jump.

Links and updates:
95 dead in Brazil floods after heaviest rain in decades (Telegraph)
Brazil flood toll exceeds 100 (CNN)
Rio tries to restore order amid more rains (The Washington Post)
Flooding in Rio de Janeiro state kills scores (BBC News)
Mortes em decorrência das chuvas chegam a 102 no Rio (UOL)
Confira fotos da chuva no Rio de Janeiro (G1)


I hope you and your loved ones are ok!!

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