Notice Something Wrong In The Pictures Below?



It looks like whoever retouched the VR ad campaign decided that the models should have different heights in each group shot. As if that weren't bad enough, can I tell you how upset I am that a label books boys such as Leo Peixoto, Romulo Pires, and Rafael Lazzini for the same campaign, and yet puts out such mediocre pictures?

In case you are wondering, the campaign also features Brazilian Anderson Pinheiro and Argentine Mathias Beck.


PHOTOGRAPHER: "Line up, folks. Quick, quick. We have to finish this in 5 minutes. Stop fixing you hair. Just go over that white wall and stand still for a minute. Ok, one photo was enough. You're free to go. "

yeah, more exciting pictures would have been nice to see. I agree that it's a waste of talent!

I think you're being unnecessarily overwrought about the heights. Lean a model against a wall and he will seem shorter than the fellow next to him.
I seriously doubt they went to the trouble of re-staggering the heights in Photoshop.

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