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I have no clue who Thiago Botelho is, but after watching a video of him getting his makeup done in front of the camera I sort of feel like we are old friends. I may have never worn any makeup other than for covering a zit or two, but I love that this guy decided to put together a blog specialized in makeup tutorials and tips for Brazilian men. I mean, who knew that you could get rid off dark circles under your eyes and zits with four products and one brush in just seven minutes?

I think I might try that. For lots of more videos (including evening makeup), visit Maquiagem Masculina.

Via Descolex.


He is absolutely right about the concealer (corretivo). Men should use a concealer that has the same tone of the skin. Only women can use a lighter tone.

I used retinol cream on my face for some time, and because of that it got a little bit bleached all over, except under the eyes (where I could not apply the retinol). So sometimes I use a concealer to even out the tones.

I also use a translucent powder by mac that is practically undetectable. It reduces shine on my forehead and makes me look better on photos.

He should have shown before and after make-up photos side-by-side at the end of the video so that we could really see the effectiveness of the products and his application techniques.

Wonderful tips on men make up! I loved all tips.
My major issue is oleosity but I am going to try this product mentioned by "Lucius"(thanks Lucius) by Mac and photos always show my shiny forehead due to it.

Great tutorial. Tks!

Amei tudo!

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