Luiz Lovatti By João P. Teles


Newcomer Luiz Lovatti is represented by 40 Graus in Rio and Glam in Brasília. View more exclusive pictures of him after the jump.






All pictures courtesy of João P. Teles.


Really, sometimes less is more. Pubes? No thanks. It would be more classy to hide it. Otherwise just show it all! XD

Stunning guy tho.

hmm, I like this one. Sometimes I don't like the 40 graus choices. But I think Luiz shows a lot of promise.

The fact that sparks my interest in him is that he looks rough and tough when shown in profile, and softer and cuter when shown frontally. It is a beautiful contradiction. I really like it.

Wow, this kid has KILLER abs, I don't get how they get 'em! Hot hot hot

His arms look disproportionally skinny compared to his body on pic 4. He is gorgeous anyways though.

"Lord Jesus God" ----> Literally the first words that came out of my mouth upon sight of this

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