Jesus Luz Promotes Earth Water


I just saw that on Jesus' twitter and felt really compelled to post it. The first picture with the headphones is so disturbing I may have to refrain from drinking water for an entire week.


Ugh - true "Earth Water" isn't packaged in petroleum-based plastic :-/

i have been a fan of your website for a while, but never felt the need to leave a comment to now.......bc i literally laugh OUT LOUD when i say these pictures....he looks like a turd....he is the worse model..the guy cant even sell water, the most ambundant thing on earth. he makes me wanna give up water

I don't know...I think he looks quite handsome in these photos!

I feel kinda pitty for him... he IS a terrible model and IS a terrible DJ. nothing that he does seems to work well. I wonder how he feels with all this rejection hes been receiving from everybody.

Love the 70's hairdo! I think Jesus should consider giving up the modeling thing. He's doing better than I am, to be sure, but he's just not "model material". I hope his DJ thing is going well.

Lucky him he's awesome lover then :) I bet there're lots of guys who'd change places with him in a heartbeat.

Why are you so hard on him? Maybe he's not the best model around, but I wonder what would you do in hisn place. I mean, if you have the chance, I guess you'd reject any work offer and also say "no" to Madonna, right?
Come on guys, he's not doing any harm to anybody.
I also feel curious how YOU look holding a bottle of water... are you better looking than him?

> MJ, haha about the 70's hairdo

have you seen the new jesus luz coloring book?

I think people are being too harsh on him now. Criticism has long left the technical realm and become quite an ugly sort of public and personal bashing. I am no fan of the boy, but I think it is too much. It all sounds so bitter...

people are being hard on him bc he actually is a terrible model and is just riding on his "madonna's lover" fame. i'm an intern at wilhemina, and no one considers him a real male model.

In other news, he is now a practitioner of Kabbalah. See red string on left wrist.

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