Is This A Music Video Or An Infomercial?

Christina Aguilera takes product placement to the next level in her new video tribute to Madonna, Gaga, and George Michael, Not Myself Tonight.


The latex industry must be thrilled.

Via Papel Pop.


Please wake me up when this is over...
For someone that dissed Gaga at the beginning of her career, publicly calling her a Man. Krustina sure is on her dick now. Huh? The beginning of the end for that bow-legged beast. Lady to rest honey its over. Gaga has arrived and now your eating shit. That's what you get! Bow down!

Cool video. I think its a mixture of Like a Prayer, Freedom, and Human Nature.

Sorry but how is this 'taking product placement to another level'? The only brands u see are Carrera, Nokia and Christina Aguilera fragrance... now Gaga's Telephone is more like an infomercial... Polaroid (2 times),Wonder,Carrera,Plentyoffish,Kraft,some fast food,HoneyBun,Hearbeat headphones,a laptop,a cellphone,and Verizon... so... you should check that. And how is this a tribute to Gaga? please! I believe the Madonna and George Michael thing but Gaga, seriously? come on... as if she was that original...

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