Boys, Boys, Boys


Brazilian photographer Michael William started out as a model shooting his model friends in between jobs and castings. My friend Heleno sent me some samples of his work this week, and I wanted to share them with you guys. View more after the jump.

Art For The Weekend: SP Arte



If you are in São Paulo this week, make sure to take the time to visit SP Arte, which is going on at the Bienal building until Sunday and just so happens to be the biggest fair for art galleries in Brazil. I was there last night, and I am definitely going back over the weekend since some of the galleries have more accessible work on display on Saturday and Sunday.

And for those of you interested in getting a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine, Galeria Mezanino at SP Arte has a limited number of advanced copies of the first issue for sale.

Smile Like You Mean It


Model-turned-reality TV star Miro Moreira booked the ad campaign for Brazilian label Aramis again this season.

Is This A Music Video Or An Infomercial?

Christina Aguilera takes product placement to the next level in her new video tribute to Madonna, Gaga, and George Michael, Not Myself Tonight.


The latex industry must be thrilled.

Via Papel Pop.

Here's What I've Been Working On Since December (Or Actually August )



4 months. 22 top Brazilian male models. 5 newcomers. 1 photographer. 1 stylist. 96 pages. 1,000 copies. And has a lot more.

Made In Brazil Magazine #1 will be available for purchase online starting Wednesday of next week, when we launch the webtsite for the project. We will ship overseas from Brazil as well, so that everyone will be able to get a copy.

A little more from me about the project after the jump.

The Boys In Minas Gerais


Models Thiago Farnesi , Marden Ferrari e Antonio Luiz, at Minas Trend Preview, which started yesterday in Belo Horizonte.

Picture via @Holograms.

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