Guess Who Is In Brazil?


German model Johannes Niermann (who I absolutely love right now) is in the country until May 5, represented by EP Models in Recife. View more pictures of him after the jump.






All digitals exclusively at Made In Brazil courtesy of EP Models (which is also Arthur Sales' mother agency by the way).

Note to all other Brazilian agents and bookers: those are the kind of digitals you all should be sending me. High resolution, natural light, white wall, jeans, underwear. Easy and effective.


nice photos and cute guy but capital WTF are those tatoos? why oh why...

Such a perfect being surely can't be human. He must an angel. He has probably just fallen from the sky. Without any blemishes, evil or imperfections.

I envy those who know him in person.

The ONLY thing I didn't like are those tattoos...

I personally like his tattoos. Innocent tatoos are a perfect match for an angelical creature.

I want to reach the same spot where the birds are flying towards.

If I'm not mistaken, those birds are swallows. Very appropriate, indeed!

> Steve, Sie haben Recht.
Die Schwalben == Sparrow

"The swallow's tail has 12 feathers and may be deeply forked, somewhat indented, or square-ended.
A long tail increases maneuverability in flight, and may also function as a sexual adornment, since the tail is frequently longer in males."

Personally, I find tatoos to be very, very sexy. I wouldn't look twice at the German boy as a rule, but oh, those tatoos! They give him some spice and they're really incredible. He's a cute one, that's for sure! Brings out the nurturer in me...

Other than the gorgeous geometric mystery under
Edilson Nascimento's right forearm, these are
the only tats that I really like, among the
thousands seen in the past year or so.

Johannes is genuinely beautiful--but he needs
to put on some more bulk, many more hours in
the gym, and just a little while under the sun
lamp. With his gorgeous Teutonic complexion,
too much sun would burn him alive. But a little
would help a lot.

Demurrer: Even so, just as he is, I would be
delighted to welcome Herr Johannes into my
humble grass shack for at least two months.

He's soooooooooo mouth watering and cherubic and virginal!!!!!!! Gosh, I am beside myself for such pallor!

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