Gisele Teams Up With Pelé And Romário

The new Sky HD commercials for the World Cup featuring Gisele and soccer players Pelé and Romário are pretty brilliant.

Watch the commercial with Romário after the jump.


Romario's is the best. Foi Mal, Peixe.

Saw her and Tom in Boston last week cruising in their Bentley

I think both of the commercials are pretty brilliant too

Anyone willing to offer quick and dirty translations for those of us lacking Portuguese skills? Please?


1st one:

I get it where´s ur mistake.
Where is my mistake?
You kicked straight! If only you had moved a little bit before kicking it would be a goal.
Moved a little bit??
If you had scored this one you would be in history!
Giselle, I scored more than 1.000!
This one you didnt! Get it? (immitating his accent)
"This insolent girl..."

Translation 2nd

I cant believe it!! You dribble the whole back four, take the goalkeeper away, and when you get this close to the goal, you kick it that slow?? What was that kick?? KICK IT LIKE A MAN, DUDE!
I wanted to show off right? Sorry fish (romario slang for dude)
No fish..
Ok Mermaid!
This insolent short guy...

Roberto, peixes
obrigado, obrigado, obrigado

Mto bom.

Thanks for the translations, Roberto! But brilliant commercials? A little hyperbole there, no?

Obrigada, Roberto!


No problem guys, whenever you need help with translations Ill be here to try them

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