What Do You Think Of The Osklen Fall 2010 Ad Campaign?


Patricia Müller stars in the new Osklen ad campaign photographed by Gui Paganini. I am not crazy about the overall abuse of Photoshop, but I find it a million times more interesting (and more David Sims-ish) than last season's tragic minimalist Carnival inspired campaign. View more images after the jump.




(Image Source: Petiscos)


I don't understand the Brazilian's obsession with Osklen. Over priced, ill-fitting oversized t shirts and board shorts for men, that people buy just to advertise the name. I just do not see the what the difference between Osklen is and Toulon for 1/5 the price !!

She's Hermes!

First of all, I don't think "Brazilians" are obsessed with Osklen. The label, like any other has its interpretation of glamour and style and Osklen's is strongly related to surf and youth culture which if you live in Brazil, you know that youth and beauty are highly valued. The fact that B is a tropical country with stunning surf beaches also adds to Osklen's appeal. You might complain about the price and I will agree but I still buy because their shorts are the most beautiful.
This campaign is stunning! The model looks like Hermes or Flash with the winged boots!! lol
I liked it a lot.

I love Osklen to death.

not a fan 6/10

I don't care for this brand at all, but I love the overall look of this collection and ads but there is nothing to do with "beach wear", "tropical", nor with Rio or "carioca" life style.
Dear Ju,
I did not understand the arguments you used to justify the importance of the brand in Brazil. You missed something on your speech, dahling!

And wasn't the question made by MB about the ads above?

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