Too Hot For Monday


The new Mister Brasil Jonas Sulzbach with runners-up Marlon di Gregori and Rodrigo Gomes Simoni, at the 2010 Mister Brasil Mundo pageant last Thursday night in São Paulo.

View pictures of the other finalists and a video of the winners after the jump.







Now can someone please explain why are they not wearing swimsuits if this was a beauty pageant? 

All pictures via R7.


I really like Marlon. I hope he will do a nude photoshoot, as soon as possible.

WOW!! how can they pick just one winner??! they all look yummy to me =)

They are all winners in my book, but yes, it is unfortunate that they were not wearing swimsuits.

The board shorts are stupid.
And not one blonde - hey, it's Brazil!

The best looking people in the world must live in Brazil.

Were there no black or mixed race guys?

quando olhei a foto falei, eu conheço esse cara. ai realizei mesmo q era o marlon, meu ex roommate em milao. q bom q ele ta realizando seus sonhos, pq ele mereçe mesmo.

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