Too Hot For Monday: Miro Moreira


At the UW underwear show in Brasília last Friday. View another picture and watch the video of the show after the jump.



Afff... the infantile screaming.

From the designer runways of Milan & Paris to an underwear show in Brasilia ... how things change! He looks much bulkier nowadays compared to what he used to be like.

He probably is on a "bulking phase" before the "Cuting phase" anyways he looks good and his ass look great

No! This is so wrong...he looks like the incredible hulk. Look at his neck.

not sure about the proportions
neither the screams...
what about the hand waves...

whats with the 10 year old in the show?

He should have ditched the glasses.

God, everybody's a critic nowadays. Sr. Moreira looks fine to me. UW's collection is very good, too!

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