Two Things Jesus Luz Should Not Do If He Wants To Be Taken Seriously



1. Posing for extra cheesy pictures for Brazilian gossip website Ego.

2. Answering an extra cheesy interview posted yesterday on Ego, in which he says he already feels married, but can't have a kid just yet because of his travel schedule at the moment.

DJ Jesus Luz spinned at gay club Unity in Montreal on Saturday night, but apparently  the club sold less than 350 tickets for his performance. On nights with big name DJs, there are usually over 1,000 people in the club. Made In Brazil has exclusive pictures and a video of Jesus Luz leaving Unity after the jump.




All pictures and video courtesy of MIB reader George.


Not so sure I can comment on Jesus Luz (who is he?). However, the stained glass window decoration in Montreal's nightclub is very exciting!

Thanks for sharing!

I was there... and was overwhelmed - not by the 'talent', but rather by the size of his novel DJ booth... Tower of Babel was so large we didn't notice it took up half of the dance floor, which probably was to his benefit (both ways).

Ugghhh..people are so tacky & stupid.... like that person asking him in the video here "How's Madonna?"...

I love his thick and curly hair. He looks good in the video.

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