The Hottest Pictures I've Seen All Week


Model Alexandre Verga backstage at ParkFashion in Brasília. Another insanely hot picture after the jump.


Pictures by Pedro Marra courtesy of Finíssimo.


I remember when he was a boy for A&F

I remember when he was The Boy)) for Terra

Now, he appears to be The Man!

wow, he is so powerful....a really great body.

But he started to look his age. I remember seeing photos from aroung 7 years ago, in which he was much more beautiful.

Hottest pictures I've seen all week too!

Pretty, but I prefer his brother, Rafael Verga.

He has matured nicely. He has a machismo that only comes with age. More, please!

I agree with WC... Alexandre is very cute but Rafael is better!!! What about Rafael nowadays? A long time I haven´t seen his pics... he desappeared from the face of the earth.

Anyone knows hows how old is he??

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