Running Up For Mister Brazil 2010




Thirty-three candidates will be up for the title of Mister Brasil Mundo 2010 this coming Thursday night in São Paulo. The winner will represent Brazil in the Mister World 2010 pageant, to be held in Korea on March 27.

Click here to view all the finalists. Some faces may actually be familiar to you.


Team Sulsbach

The boy on the first photo is definitely the hottest. I hope he wins.

Lots of handsome guys but very few with lots of potential.
My faves:

Rafael Moretti, Ygor, Fabio Vaz e Bruno Faria. But I am clueless when it comes to what really counts.
If the main point is to represent a very Brazilian beauty only Carlos Lima meets that criteria but I am not sure about his international look.

Mr. Rio de Janeiro is hot!!! yum!!!

How is the guy from the first picture anyone. A name or something im in love!

MARLON DE GREGORI got it thanks

all good looking men...but none that look even remotely look like they have Native or African roots..

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