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Model Fernando Fernandes doesn't cease to amaze me after the tragic car crash which left him paralyzed from the waist down in July of last year. He has recently taken on rowing, and is already aiming to compete at the European Championships which start in May.

Watch a video of Fernando rowing after the jump.

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that is a real MAN

Is he likely to remain paralyzed? I thought I read there was a chance he could regain the use of his lower body? Must have been quite a year, from the highs of being in a huge Dolce campaign with the biggest supermodels on the planet to being in a wheelchair. It's incredibly sad but he continues to smile, he really is a role model. M.I.B should interview him, he has such an interesting story.

What a fighter !!! great job Fernando.

Great story, HOT back ;)

I've read a interview at UOL and didn't know he was in a weelchair. Really good example.

Congratulations to Fernando. He is looking great, and certainly has the upper body strength to be a real contender in the European Rowing Championships. He is already a champion!

I agree. There is a man's man. Modeling out for him? I don't think so. Not all shots involve standing up.

can he swim(if he were to fall into the water) despite being paralyzed? just curious..i feel for him.
What a beautiful smile!! God bless him.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we are presently hosting the Paralympic Winter Games, a version of the Winter Olympics.

I am very proud of how the human body and will strives for recovery and well being.

What can be achieved is utterly amazing and inspiring.

Role model for who?! This guy is a jackass... driving drunk?! Really, a great role model... if he had killed someone, an inocent person, i bet some nonsense people would still call him a role model... ughh...

We all make mistakes, Matheus. What we learn from them and what we do with that knowledge makes the difference, in my opinion.

But the thing is: he was a jackass BEFORE the car crash. Always full of himself... He even was arrested for assault once.

awww matheus dont be horrible no one really deserves this. he did bring it on himself by driving drunk but we all forget that we are mortal sometimes. but good on him he seems to be dealing with it well. must be a bitch of a transition form model paraplegic.

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