Leave Benjamin Alone


Gisele and baby Benjamin landed in São Paulo this morning. According to gossip site iG Gente, Gisele has a busy schedule ahead of her: she is hosting a press conference for Pantene this afternoon, and another one for Grendene to launch her new line of sandals, she is shooting the new commercial for Sky HD, and she is also attending her sister's wedding in Rio Grande do Sul on the weekend. Looks like Benjamin is going to have to get used to walking around with a blanket over his face.


I don't blame her a bit if she keeps the baby covered. Less confusion makes for a more contented baby. Besides you never know what some of those freaks that make up the paparazzi might do!

like she once said, the main reason why she's been so successful(at her job) is because of her HAIR and BOOBS.
I have seen models who are 100 times better looking than Gisele(face wise) and can equally match her body type( super slim not scary skinny) but none can match her effortless yet sexy looking hair(love the wavy texture) and those boobs(they are right for her body..they don't overpower her but at the same time we as consumers are aware that they are there)...you know what i mean?
I would kill for Gisele's body and hair(which women wouldn't)...face not so much...i'll take adriana's face. lol.



She didn't make a $150M fortune from her hair & boobs. She has a perfect face for photographing due to how angular it is, round faces don't work in high fashion! At the end of the day she's been so successful due to her ability at lighting up a room, she has an awesome personality & is very likeable & a great spokesperson. She's also about the only model that's managed to do both the really commercial jobs [V.S Angel] and the really high fashion jobs.

if she didn't have the boobs, i doubt she would have been chosen as an angel, a position that catapulted her fame and as a consequence increased her bank account. i also forgot to mention that her dating leonardo(when he was the "it boy" about town) did do a lot to increase her profile in the fashion industry as well as to common folks who normally wouldn't know a thing about the fashion world. you cannot deny that. she does have a great bone structure but so do many other models. i love gisele so don't get me wrong here...i'm just saying what she herself credited in one of her interviews as reasons for her her incredible success. having said that, i'm fully aware that she's a good at her job(striking poses and taking good pictures), but so are a hoard of other top models. unfortunately, many other equally hard working models with nice personalities haven't had the luck Gisele has had. In the industry, if you're too pretty or drop dead gorgeous, you tend to be awarded less opportunities than other girls for fear of the industry created stigma that is known as "too commercial looking". Great example of someone who isn't necessarily the prettiest from the bunch or the best poser or even the most photogenic would be Karlie Kloss. Look at her now.She's working way more than the other girls. I love Karlie though!!!!!!

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