Is The New Ellus Ad Campaign Supposed To Be Provocative?



Because it looks a little silly and cliché to me, and the chemistry between Jesus Luz and Cintia Dicker is clearly nonexistent, especially when compared to the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign with Eva Mendez and Jamie Dornan.


Jesus is in love with the camera but not in a good way.

Looks totally fake.

He looks uncomfortable ... like he doesn't know what to do with a woman. I still find him attractive but not as a model.

It all looks so staged...not natural at all.


Jesus looks always good... in the german tabloid-magazin "GALA" are more pictures of this campaign... anyone knows where we can find all pictures?

These photos look amateurish; the poses look fake and unconvincing as well!

he´s so zoolander

I guess the only way to make Jesus "alluring" was to make Cintia editorially invisible. And it still didn't work. So you wonder why the real professionals in the business down here think so little of this guy.

his eyes are expressionless
it is too stiff before the camera

This is about as provocative as a wet sock. The problem with Jesus is he always looks bored, if not mentally vacant. There's no fire, no passion, no charisma. I think the boy should just stick with his DJ-ing and leave modeling to the men.

He's just so effin bland. Never thought of him as a model, never will.

This is getting really painful to watch! His career just continues to show how he is in way over his head as a model. Jesus is not to blame - he's a mediocre model at best. I'm sure he's doing the best he can ( I hate to think he's holding back anything )and he might even believe that he's a great model .

The ones to blame for his banal presence in this industry are the clients, photographers and art directors who believe that it's better to hire a C level model who is attached to a star, than it is to hire and an A level model who has a better look and a stronger presence on film. It's very insulting as a reader / consumer for me to believe that the fashion world thinks I'm clueless enough and so unsophisticated as to be impressed by a model with a clear lack of talent,just because he's Madonna's Boy Toy.

I would only be impressed with his work as a model if he was truly talented and produced a body of stunning images. Once again the world of near celebrity is some how mistaken as a superior substitute for talent , quality & artistry.

I agree with vreelandchild. The people to blame are the people who keep booking him yet don't get good work out of him. Poor dude. He looks amateurish here. He's not a good model. But he can be good-looking and they should stop trying to photograph him like a regular interchangeable model and expect good results.

The sexual element in these pictures is sick. picture number 3... fisting?

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