International IPs Blocked From Voting On Big Brother Brazil?

From what I've heard (and several readers confirmed), after the international attention Big Brother Brazil's Dourado received last week, international IPs have been blocked from voting on the show. Could it be that the producers were afraid that Marcelo Dourado would get voted off?

Dourado is actually up for elimination again this week, but I guess most of you are no longer allowed to vote on the show. I don't intend to dwell on the topic of his controversial behavior more than I already have, but if you are interested on my take on the issue, you can read it here.


that sucks:( i voted him for eliminastion last week. i guess its up to the brazilians now..

Not working in London.

Not working in Canada... Too bad for the viewers of Globo International or the subscribers of abroad right?! Globo is ridiculous.

I am in Brazil and can't watch US tv shows online... To get around the International IP issue, try Hotspot Shield. It blocks your IP address.

Hmmm...I am here in Rio with my US laptop and wonder if my votes counted. I also posted it to people that follow my facebook and they all voted countless times. Did not count? That network is so much like the Fox network in the US. Sad and wrong!

I've stopped watching in disgust. The show is just vile now, a totally manipulated exercise in product placement for Classe C, whose values it seems Globo estimates are hateful and ignorant and the worst sort of machista crap that we all thought would soon be part of our past.

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