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The casting for the Giles Deacon show yesterday in Paris seriously put Prada's venture into Victoria's Secret territory to shame. Absolutely insane, all the major girls, and six Brazilians: Alessandra Ambrósio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Caroline Trentini (in her first appearance yet this season), Aline Weber, and Izabel Goulart.

View pictures of the entire collection at WWD.


I am glad to see more curvaceous bodies on the catwalk. They could be even more curvaceous, though! Did Giles Deacon show his work only in Paris? I was told he showed it in London by, possibly over-enthusiastic Londoners who were defending London Fashion Week...


Curvaceous? Thin but with boobs you mean ...

Giles lives in London & showed in London each season. Last year he won the French ANDAM fashion award which comes with a large endowment & I believe it stipulates you must show in Paris. Gareth Pugh who also showed in London each season won the ANDAM in 2008 & he also started showing in Paris. The 'over-enthusiastic' Londoners were perhaps just mixed up, at the end of the day much more famous brands/designers show in London ... Giles, brilliant as he is, is a pretty small fish in a big pond.

I'm really really loving this moment that the brazilian girls are having, escpecially because i think the whole VS prejudice is ridiculous. i think it's a Lara Stone effect, doing the exact same thing Gisele did. Thank God. I'm tired of prepubescent pale russian girls


What did Gisele do? She arrived in the late 90's after the Linda's, Naomi's, Eva's, Claudia's etc.. Yeah, she was different to Kate Moss but I don't think she broke any boundaries, back then she was thin with large breasts & had an amazing body but compared to the original 'Supers' she certainly wasn't larger. As for "VS prejudice" ... models know to expect it. Once you sign up to something as commercial as VS you can't expect to be in demand as a high fashion model. I also don't think you can generalize Russian girls, considering many were in the most recent VS show [Maryna Linchuk etc..] Have you seen Alessandra in the flesh? She's as skinny as hell ... it's just she has breasts which makes it less obvious.

It sounds like some people really think that Gisele is just another model...lordddddd have mercy!

Despites my favoritism, Brazilian models have something else that can't be found anywhere else...that's why Testino, Meisel, Casablancas and many other really important "brands" in the fashion industry love Brazil.

What Gisele did was be successul despite being different, like Kate Moss and Lara. She didn't break boundaries because they are never broken. Clearly the sexy models of today aren't "Supers" curvy. They are simply slightly bigger than the average model, and have a chest and butt which detract attention from their small frames, but they look healthy and are as close to a normal girl/woman as fashion allows, so their presence in major runways is great. The VS prejudice is known by those who sign the contract, but that doesn't make it right. It keeps great models from bringing all they can bring to the table. I didn't generalize russian girls. I was simply pointing out how fashion is currently full of very young, thin, pale girls from the eastern block. I personally love Maryna, Poly, Eugenia and Natalia V to name a few, so no disrespect was meant to russian models, and i apologize if it sounded like that.

Love those 1960's hairdos! Does this mean "big hair" is making a comeback? All that hairspray is bound to mess up the ozone layer (again).

touche, andrea. v well said. what did gisele do? recall the girls and the look of the late 90's, anyone? right. ten years later we're still waiting for another revolution led by a new supermodel...

@Andrea: you are right, this is exactly what I mean by curvaceous! A woman who is fat is not curvaceous: she has no waist (the curve of the waist becomes a straight line) and often the boobs & other flabs just pile up and become some sort of blob (I would not say that butter melting in the sun is curvaceous: it's blobbeous).

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