Working On My Teen Demographics



Fiuk is the lead singer of a band, the star of the teen soap Malhação ID, and one the most influential twitters in the country. Not bad for a 19-year-old, right?

View more pictures of him in the latest issue of Tpm magazine, and watch the making of video after the jump.


I'm not part of your "teen" demographic, but I don't mind looking at him!

beautiful pants

this guy's in love with himself // imo the woman in the black dress at 0:56 steals the show =)
I love the backstage people (seamstresses, photographers, etc.), humility is sexy too.

Filipe, I agree about the pants, amazing color
and who do you think selected them? the woman at 0:56 LOL

He needs some food, and a haircut wouldn't hurt either. However, the video truly helps his case, he seems to be a nice guy.

Fiuk is the son of Fábio Jr, a well known Brazilian singer.ábio_Júnior

here's Fiuk singing the song PAI to his father

PAI was the musical theme for the 1979 telenovela Pai Herói
great 1970's video, with Fábio Jr singing

He looks kind of dazed and confused. He talks like a kid who has been smoking too much dope.

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