Brazilian Boys Stick Together Backstage


Romulo Pires, Francisco Lachowski, and Arthur Sales at Jeffrey Fashion Cares on Monday night in New York. View more pictures of the event at and NBC Niteside. Warning: enough six-packs to make you feel terribly out of shape.


what about too much beautiful faces to make you think about suicide?

2 of my favorite boys
chico and arthur i'm happy they are doing so well in new york
i wish marlon could be there too

Francisco and Arthur have an universal sex appeal, that reaches men and women, both gay and hetero. My straight brother would want to BE LIKE Arthur. I would want to know how he IS LIKE in bed. We would both love him, in different ways.

That is why these boys have such great success.


Great event held for a great cause. Congrats to all involved!

i was was FABULOUS!

I think it's funny that most of those "Brazilian" guys have European roots and full 100% european blood but they are BRAZILIAN. They are hot, but all the hotness comes from €urope :P

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