Bootie Rio, Ricky Martin, And The Big Brother Brazil Finale

  • Bootie, the biggest bootleg mashup party in the world, is landing in Rio on May 14 thanks to my friend Fabiano Moreira. The party will take place at Fosfobox, and the line up includes A+D, André Paste, Lucio K, and DJs Billy, the Kid, and Schlaepfer. Visit Bootie Rio for updates on the party, and several mashups up for dowload.
  • Ricky Martin comes out: "I am proud to say I am a fortunate homosexual man."
  • Michael Roberts photographed 20 male models in Leblon yesterday for Out magazine.
  • top 10 newcomers of the season.
  • 3D shots of Isabeli in the new Vogue Mexico.
  • Arthur Sales by Aline and Jacqueline Tappia.
  • Love interviews Alessandra Ambrósio.
  • What remains to be done in Brazil, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • The 10th season of Big Brother Brazil ends tonight, with Fernanda, Cadu, and Dourado up for the R$1.5 million prize. I don't really care who wins at this point, but I would prefer to see Cadu or Fernanda win the show (especially after reading things like this and this).


Very interesting statement by Ricky Martin. I was also impressed 2 years ago when he enthusiastically embraced his role as single father of 2 boys. That's an unusual thing for a man to do.

Reynaldo're next.

Dourado \o/

Dourado means golden, right? is it slang for "great, beautiful"?
I also realize it's the name of the golden catfish (an open-water predator of the Amazon River) -- as illustrated by this magazine shoot. =)

great photo of ricky martin with his twin sons

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