Rafael Cardoso Shows Off His Bubble Butt In Tpm Magazine


Actor Rafael Cardoso, who obviously has nothing left to hide after appearing in the movie Do Começo Ao Fim, posed naked for the latest issue of Tpm magazine. View more pictures after the jump. Warning: nsfw.


I seriously wish Brazilian gay magazines could produce pictures as sexy as those.

(Source: Tpm)


It is a nice butt. You can see that he shaved it.

it's not a bubble butt... but it is a nice one!

um thats not really a bubble butt. love his curly hair though!

His Mopsy-Topsy hairdo is a little much.
But the rest of him will do nicely, even
the flat, very non-bubble, derriere.

His bunda is quite admirable and rather, rather cute! I like! I like! I like!!!!!!!!

lol! That is NOT a bubble butt!!!!!!!!

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