Jesus Has A Pretty Hot Entourage


Thank the paparazzi in Ipanema yesterday for this one. More pictures after the jump.

Evandro Naked And Tied Up In A Tree

Here is a teaser of the upcoming Triton fall 2010 campaign with Evandro Soldati and newcomer Alicia Kuczman shot by Tony Kelly.

Brasil With An "S"


And I thrilled to add Mr. Marlon Teixeira to my little gallery of models posing with an MIB sign.

The Dourado Issue: Looking At The Bigger Picture

As much as I would have liked to have seen Marcelo Dourado eliminated from Big Brother Brazil 10 last night, I also think that positive things can come from his behavior on the show and from the debate  on homophobia his possible elimination started.


Reading all the comments posted here over the past two days, I realized that this was the first time since Globo vetoed a gay kiss on a soap opera that we are actually discussing the perception of homosexuals on Brazilian television, and that is a good thing. At the time Globo refused to air a gay kiss, homosexual viewers were forced to acknowledge that the vast majority of television viewers in the country were offended by a romantic kiss between two men on a soap. It would be nice now if heterosexual viewers were able to respect and understand that some gay viewers may be offended in the  very same way by things Dourado has said on the show. Regardless if you consider Dourado's behavior homophobic or not, this would certainly be a good time to start questioning what is actually appropriate for television, and the social role television plays when it comes to advances in gay rights.

On another note, I wonder if Dourado's fans would be up for signing the online petition for the law that criminalizes homophobia, which still needs over 900,000 online signatures to become relevant. The passing of such law would certainly affect the lives of thousands of Brazilian citizens in a much broader scale than a television show.

Last night I thought: why should I waste my time on a contestant on a television show when I could spend the same amount of time and energy writing something positive that could perhaps have a bigger and more significant impact on gay rights? So instead of wasting time thinking about whether or not Dourado is spreading the right message on the show, focus on spreading the right message yourself. Don't write to Globo to have him kicked off the Big Brother house. Instead, write to Congress and ask why is it that the law criminalizing homophobia has not yet been approved, and why is it that gay marriage is still illegal. It is sad that we can get millions of people to vote on a television show in which they are not even up for any sort of prize, and yet we can't mobilize one million of them to give me and my boyfriend the right to legally marry each other if we ever want to.

If you voted for Dourado or Angelica in the past two days, my guess is you definitely have a free minute to sign the online petition to criminalize homophobia at Não Homofobia!.

Arthur In Double RL For L'Officiel Hommes


You know I love Arthur Sales and I am a huge fan of Milan Vukmirovic's work, but the more I look at the latest issue of L'Officiel Hommes, the more I feel like all the pages are exactly the same. View more scans of the Double RL story after the jump.

Raquel Is An Icon, Gaga in Brazil, And Jesus' New Record Deal

  • Raquel Zimmermann goes brunette in the March issue of Vogue, and finally makes a move to the Top Icons list on Raquel's previous #1 slot on MDC's Top 50 is now occupied by Lara Stone.
  • Rumor has it that Isabeli Fontana will open the Alexander McQueen show in Paris.
  • Watch an extended unseen footage from the September Issue. The documentary is out on DVD today, including 90 minutes of extra footage.
  • Thomaz de Oliveiral for John Richmond.
  • Dress Me Up at the Contributing Editor.
  • Miley Cyrus' ex Justin Gaston does Rio.
  • A gratuitous picture of Federico Devito.
  • Is Lady Gaga really playing São Paulo in June? We sure hope the rumors are true.
  • Jesus Luz has signed with Record Entretenimento in Brazil to release his first album in April. The album will be called From The Light, and will be distributed by Warner Music.
  • ABGLT, the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders, has issued a statement about Big Brother Brazil's contestant Marcelo Dourado and his homophobic remarks on the show. According to ABLGT, Dourado's behavior on national television does nothing but contribute to the prejudice and discrimination against homosexuals, and reinforces the fact that in Brazil there is no punishment for  the discrimination against gays, lesbians, and transgenders. Globo network has not yet addressed the issue, which makes me wonder: if a contestant in a show with an audience as massive as Big Brother were to get up from the dining table because he didn't want to hear about two black people kissing, what would the network do? And would it be okay for the same contestant to say that only black people get HIV? I don't think so. This should all serve as an incentive for the gay community in Brazil to get better organized and make sure the law that criminalizes homophobia is finally passed.

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