Madonna Is Practically A Carioca Now

After meeting with the governor of São Paulo yesterday in the afternoon, Madonna had dinner at Aprazível in Rio last night, and went to Circo Voador afterwards to watch a concert (accompanied by a shirtless Jesus Luz).

And my guess is the pictures of the two of them kissing after the jump put an end to all the break up rumors.



More pictures at Katylene.

(Image Source: Quem)


Good lord in the video it actually looked like they had something to talk about.

Here's their conversations:

"Madonna....that is nice song by fat guy Tim Maia. Me like it long time. You like it?"

"Madonna, me go to bathroom. You stay?"

"Madge, me take off shirt to photographers. You like?"

"Madonna, kiss for photographers to see"

Lucius, your comments are a crackup! lol lol lol

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