Brazilianizer Of The Week: Madonna



I love the fact that Madonna seemed to be having a really good time in the middle of all the crowd last night at the Sambadrome.

More pictures and a video of Madonna's first Brazilian Carnival after the jump.




I don't think I've ever seen Madonna smiling that much. More pictures at Papel Pop.


It's a shame she let herself be used by the Dilma campaign, probably without realizing it...

why is she is one box dressed normally & the other dressed in uniform? is that gerard butler in one pic?

Is this an election year in Brazil? I remember I was in the country pre and post President Lula's election! ...loved seeing how the Brazilians do it; it was an education for me, and I was more than appreciative!

Exactly what I thought, Kevin.

Madonna also posed hugging candidate José Serra in São Paulo, so the idea that she's being used to campaign for Dilma for appearing on the same party with her is ludicrous.

The Rio carnival, like a few others in Brazil, is totally UNIQUE. That is why Madonna had such a good time.

Also, Brazilians treat foreigners like kings....Madonna was spoiled by everybody. How could she not like it?

very well put, leila.
funny to find reactionary watchdogs in a gay-oriented blog.

She looks like she's having a great time with her family and friends-I'm sure she loves Rio like i do!


Madonna's visit to Sao Paulo barely registered even in Brazil. Those pictures with Dilma ran all over the world.


I'm just a foreigner living in Brazil. I don't vote here, but I do have a mouth and 10 fingers and the right to make an observation.

Her face is totally ruined, jokerface

Love ya, Madge. Always have and always will.

@ Kevin,

you have all the right to make as many observations as you want. i still find it curious for you to make a statement that clearly favours a political party who shows no respect for minorities such as the glbt community. not to mention you did it in a blog whose content is directed to a gay public.
voting in here or not, your speech is a reactionary one anyway.
if madonna's visit to são paulo barely hit the news thats because it was obviously unimportant to the media compared to rio's carnival and being next to the candidate supported by our current president. to suppose it was a plot from dilma's party to broadcast her next to madonna internationally is pathetic, even because, you said yourself, those pictures ran worldwide and in brazil who votes here are the brazilians and not the foreigners.

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