Jesus Has A Pretty Hot Entourage


Thank the paparazzi in Ipanema yesterday for this one. More pictures after the jump.




And you wonder why wonder Madonna is always in Rio these days.

(Image Source: AgNews)


He has some gorgeous male companions who'd I take any day along with him!

That's what he really likes. His male buddies.

Away with the board shorts already! It's Brasil and these boys should be wearing sungas.

How can Jesus be so cheesy? Gosh!

I mean this in all seriousness. I thought Brazilian men only wore speedos. Is that a common misconception???

OMG, gorgeous friend.

I assume in reality, its Sungas for gays...boardshorts for dudes. But who cares...when you're buffed, you'll make a seashell look hot!

I think Jesus is keeping something from us.

"I assume in reality, its Sungas for gays...boardshorts for dudes."

Wrong assumption...
The way it works for us in Brazil is mostly boardshorts if you are a teenager (and insecure) and sungas for everyone else. Even surfers will have 'sungas' underneath the boardshorts, and lose the shorts if they are not surfing.

He has gained weight. He may tip over if he doesn't watch it (or work on his legs).

a lot of "juice"

umm ...umm.. look like they have a good time and all 3 are seriously cute.

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