Is Gerard Butler Ever Going To Leave Rio?


If he keeps on hanging out with Rodrigo Santoro and hooking up with every brunette in the country, I guess the answer is no. The pictures above with his latest victim were taken yesterday in the afternoon in Arpoador.

And on more celebs-who-obsessed-with-Rio news, Bruno Astuto at newspaper O Dia reports that Madonna is now looking to buy an apartment in the city (with water views of course).


The guy is having a good time! Once you go Brazilian, you never go back!

It's his way of fending off all those gay rumors floating around about him. This seems really desperate and obvious though.

I never thought he was there any evidence showing he is?

On the other hand, Rodrigo Santoro is definitely gay, 100%.

I'm sorry but this pic looks like such a put-on. This chick's body language says, "I'm getting a nice little check after this photo op!"

Gerard should not be so excited to see a camera whilst in a "private" moment.

Honestly I don't think that Gerard Butler is gay besides he works now in the american market (american society is weird they claim to be very open,but they are against everything...except war) they love oh so tragic gay drama but can't accept openly gay actors or musicians they love their leading men to be on the closet playing "tomkat"...So what poor Gerard Butler can do ? specially if he wants to be in action movies?
By the way I'm loving how the american is triying to justify Robert Pattinson's allergy to vaginas

What "gay rumors"? I've never read any gay rumors. He used to date a friend of a friend in New York & she was 100% female. Does the gay community really have to try & claim every Hollywood male actor as 'one of their own'? It's ridiculous. He's as straight as they come.

seriously...the butler guy is a freakin has been..look at his potbelly..wannabee player..i'm telling u women wouldn't be hitting on him(the way he looks now) if he weren't famous and rich. i've seen ordinary guys that are way hotter and less douche-y.

He doesn't have the "300" washboard abs anymore, but he is still pretty hot. You guys should be less bitter and negative.

poor poor Butler...and he wants to be an serious actor? Everday their are new stories ´bout is sex and love life. It´s getting ugly.

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