A Little Carnival Magic For You

Thanks to some incredibly well executed magic tricks, samba school Unidos da Tijuca was responsible for one of my favorite moments last night at the Sambadrome.

Watch a video with the highlights from Carnival in Rio after the jump.


Very cool. As a "carioca" living in the US I thank you for posting this.

Obrigado! This brought back the memories of Carnaval 2003 for me. Today a friend hinted about going to Rio de janeiro in 2011. I certainly hope to join him in all of these festivities if we attend!

My first and LAST Carnaval in Rio. I did pick Tijuca to win as having great seats in Setor 9 across from the judges saw the best of Sunday night and this school was great. However my six days in Rio were ruined by being mugged TWICE in two nights at blocos in Ipanema. I have visited major cities in 36 nations and only been robbed once before, in Rome. Rio needs to get its act together before 2016.

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