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I love the fact that actor Diego Cristo posed for the cover of the new issue of Junior, but I wish the editors had put a little more thought into his spread for the magazine. I know you don't have to do much to make him look hot, but the pictures just didn't really do it for me. View more scans after the jump.



On another note, the cover of the issue claims the return of body hair, and yet every fashion or style spread in the issue features models with shaved chests. Actually, even the gym pages (which just so happen to be all about getting a buff chest this month) feature a model with no chest hair. It would have been nice to see a consistent message throughout the magazine instead of only on the cover spread. 

The new issue of Junior is on newsstands already. Pick up a copy if you are in the country for Carnival (there is a cover for smokers as well). 

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He's hot and the chest hair is a deliciously refreshing change. You're totally right about the poor quality of the shoot however. And it's time for the cigarettes to go. It's not cool.

He's such a sexy man but for me the first two pictures are ruined by the cigarettes.

who's idea is it that kissing an ashtray would be a turn-on? a french editor at junior?

He is so damn hot, bro!

WOW! His butt is amazing!!

I don't think the spread was a total disaster, but it it is true it could be a whole lot better. Diego is such a beautiful guy. I love his macho looks.

Great butt and hairy chest

He's hot as fuck. But those badly photoshopped clouds/sky (is that on purpose?) need to go.

Are the pictures not so good? I can't tell. His hotness is that much of a distraction for me.


My baby. What are you doing like this?

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