Claudia Leitte Goes Gaga




Singer Claudia Leitte has just redeemed herself from the cheap Balmain knock-off she wore last year with the crazy outfits and hair styles she has been sporting this Carnival in Bahia. Love that she is putting more effort into her costumes but still keeping her back up dancers shirtless and in leggings.


I'm from the US and just got back today from 16 beautiful days in Bahia. Carnival was great there (if not a bit overwhelming), but great!!!

My partner and I got to see Claudia twice. The second time she had on the I Dream of Jeannie outfit. The first she was waving to the crowd just getting out of her car surrounded by security in the Pelourinho; a lovely woman. We also got to see Jesus spin on the last night of Carnaval.

I loved being in Bahia. The people, music, and beaches are all stunning. It would be great to see more coverage from there on your blog.


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