Say Beyoncé Girl!

I went insane at Beyoncé's concert in New York last year, so it is no surprise that I went to see it again last night in São Paulo. The show was just as amazing and fun as the one at Madison Square Garden, with an added bonus: the Brazilian audience. 60,000 packed Morumbi Stadium for the concert last night, and they all sang along and danced non-stop throughout the entire concert. I had no clue Beyoncé had so many fans here, and apparently neither did she. You could tell that she was completely surprised with the audience, mentioning several times that it was the biggest show of her career so far.

And in case you weren't there, this was by far the funniest moment of the show (and fully explains the title of the post).



Great review! I was there...unbelievable. She was very happy and really touched by the demonstrations of love. A night that we'll never forget. But I have two questions. Why we did see any interview with brazilian press, despite Bruno Astuto from "O Dia"?Do u know? Another thing, Beyonce's prodution taped each and every one of her shows, do u know if we'll see some sort of special dvd or cd after the tour?

Thanks very much.
I found your website by accident, but it is already marked as favorite. Congratulations

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