Alexandre Pato Models Brazil's New Uniform For The World Cup



And other than the fact that it is slightly tighter than the previous uniform, here is cool fact about the nine new uniforms Nike unveiled yesterday at an event in London: the brand's sponsored teams will be wearing tops made entirely of polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Tighter and environmentally conscious. The only way to make it better would be to design those shorts a couple of inches shorter.

Any thoughts on the purple and orange sneakers? Because I am hoping they are obligatory in South Africa.


Some football kits are very well designed. Brazil's football kit is one of them. I love the yellow and blue - the strong colours, the stars. I wear a Brazilian jersey quite often actually - it's a much-loved gift.

Perhaps I should get a new one for this World Cup, perhaps not!

Yes, they should wear the kind of shorts that were used in the 80's. Very very short ones, revealing the thighs.

I love to watch soccer only because of the thighs of the players.

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