Too Cute For Monday: Federico Devito



Teen blogger Federico Devito photographed by Marcio del Nero for Capricho. View more pictures here, and watch Federico's new year's video at his blog Vida de Garoto.


He is so perfect and adorable. He has the most beautiful eyes.

Federico do céeu (6'

Fede *---*

LINDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! o federico é muito deliça :*

Handsome boy! Very cute! Follow me, Federico! @MariClareto

He has the most beautiful eyes. (?) JDIOASJAIOJSDAIODJIOS, eyes? OMG JDIASOJAIOJSADIOADJIODSJI he's hot, and much more.

he's cute

Maizaa Fede :D tá podendo
nossasaravilhas brasileiras --> follow me :D

FÊ LINDOO! *-* @amandaalvesg

Ele é lindo, fofo e merece tudo de bom! *-* @VaneSilverio

He is very beautifoul and cute!! Fed is wonderful


Federico Devito? hmmmm too cute ^^ Uauu Follow me Federico; @Ericawee

Cute is one of those terms that gets used much to often. In this case it's exactly the right word to use!

A lot of comments were made about Federico, and I wholeheartedly concur with all of them. He is a truly, truly yummmmmmmmy and cute guy!

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