Speedo Sunday

In the shower with Carlos from Big Brother Brazil 10. Skip to 0:58 for the best part.


The best part is when he cleans his butt! :)

There's something particularly masculine about BRAZILIAN MEN especially this guy. But, why does he have to wear a speedo in the shower? Some people watch anything on the TV. Anyway, he should just turn from the camera if he wants to protect his personal attributes. Then again, might be a sensitive issue. To say the least, he might pull a muscle.

Nice camera angle to help us see what's happening "down there" a little better, but still not real enough for a so-called "reality show" since no one I know takes a real shower wearing a swimsuit!

I think the Speedo In The Shower is just to keep the show on the air. Might be too much to show full frontal. Just goes to show how sexy Brasilian men are: even wearing Speedos, this shower scene is tooooo HOT.

OMG!...This man is too hot to have precious water wasted. He needs a good tongue bath instead!

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