Men's Shows In Paris, SPFW, And What People Really Think Of Jesus


I would like to have those sock suspenders too. Where can I find them?

Hahaha best video ever,It's cool that at least Brazilian fashion people is able to see Jesus in real life,cause in all the american media everybody is still mesmerized.

LOL thanks for posting the video. I feel kinda vindicated. And this is all opinion from Brazilians, who by nature hate confrontation. So I can only imagine what they REALLY think indeed... (Except for Jeff Ares who, I guess, wants to keep getting those invites hehe)

You feel vindicated by someone making ugly comments about someone in a video? That's really sad.

When you look at the people in the video trashing Jesus, you can't help but laugh though.

"cause in all the american media everybody is still mesmerized"

Really? What America are you in? Only Perez seems to love him, everywhere else it's just bitchy comments about him.

One of the women who were interviewed said "Jesus has the face of a male hooker. He should be working at the Trianon-MASP (male prostitution place)".

WOW. Nobody is afraid of telling the truth!

So I guess what you know about the business is all about how you look? Then I guess we should laugh at Grace Coddington, I mean what could she know? I mean, she's not as beautiful as Jesus Luz (who does indeed look like a miche, not that there's anything wrong with that)... You really think this is about jealousy? It's collective eye rolling, dear.

I think the video is kinda funny, although a bit cruel. Mas vamos combinar neh, esse povinho da "cena fashion", antenados e descoladex de SP sao taaaaaao dificeis de engolir... Chato por chato, eu fico com JESUS que pelo menos eh quetinho ;)

No Kevin, she (and the rest of the people) were basically insinuating that jesus was a call-boy before becoming Madonna's boyfriend.

Oh yes Kevin...jealousy is definitely where all of this Jesus hate is coming from. The d list nothings in that video, and the anonymous catty queens on this blog prove that in spades.

I followed the link to Max Motta in nothing but underwear and socks at Alexis Mabille. All the other guys who were modeling underwear looked uncomfortable, but Max looked right at home. Thumbs up!

Amen, Michael!

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