The Paraty House




A summer home in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, designed by renowned São Paulo architect Marcio Kogan, won best new private home design in Wallpaper's 2010 Design Awards issue. View more pictures of the house here.

And another Brazilian also made it to Wallpaper's list this year: Arthur Casas won best new restaurant design for Kaá in São Paulo. I haven't eaten there yet, but I will make sure to post pictures on twitter as soon as I manage to get a reservation.


Not too shabby!

The house is awesome.

Vi essa casa na Bienal de Arquitetura desse ano. Muito legal.
Gosto pra caramba dessa combinação madeira/vidro/concreto.
A vista deve ser espetacular.

When I saw this home, it reminded me of a cell or basic rectangular cube, not in a bad way, but looking towards the simplist form of life, like cells which compose plant life, which Leuwenhook discovered with his first microscipe @ 1600. I think I will take this shape, and reconfigure it into furniture which stacks, in some bright colors, you know, rectangular 'cells" which could be made of reused wood, metal glass or etc. so that it would be green friendly. In five days I go to the Vegas furniture Market, I would liike to show this building around, and see their reaction to it and correlating furniture. debarry

Maybe I could get used to it. But so could all the birds
and insects do the same thing. To me, not very impressive.
Basically, a box on top of a box. Too open, too cavernous,
too unimaginative. But this is a spectacular setting, paradisiac.
If I could afford this setting, and this architect, I would
want something much more homelike, and much less geometrical.

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