Will This Picture Make You Want To Buy Underwear From Mash?


Jesus' plans of world domination continue in 2010: his face (and body of course) are on display on billboards all over the country thanks to the new Mash underwear campaign.

Picture courtesy of Revista Lado A.


unfortunately no lol

All his work seems to be confined to Brazil & Argentina. Hardly conquering the world! Most of the large European/U.S brands will likely be put off using him due to his connection with Madonna. D&G is the obvious exception but that campaign was panned so much that they haven't used him again, yet constantly book David Gandy, Adam Senn, Noah Mills season after season.

no, but makes me want to go to rio..

Am I the only one who doesn't think he is an attractive guy?

No, never. The whole thing is so cliche! That Christ-The-Redeemer-like pose, Rio in the background, the usual Latin-lover looks.... It would probably sell vacation packages to German tourists, not much else. But I have to say the slogan is kinda cool though.


lucius i am with you ,definitly not attactive !

was he famous in brazil before he hooked up with madonna? anyone know??? just wondering.

I have always found Jesus to be an attractive young man and love his lips, mouth, and those piercing eyes. I, for one, would not buy these undies though, for my size would not warrant it!

Made in Brazil should capitalize on Jesus's appearances rather than wishing he'd go away.

No, but this picture makes me want to buy him.

Im surprised they didnt put a beard on him! In the UK in 2006, clothing brand 'All Saints' printed the phrase 'Jesus Rocks' on much of their clothing, particularly their high priced belts with much success. I guess sometimes sex sells, sometimes god sells.......sometimes both?

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