Diego Cristo Puts His Hairy Chest To The Test On The Cover Of Junior


Model-turned-actor Diego Cristo graces the cover of Junior magazine #15, photographed by Marcio del Nero.


There's a lighter in his left hand!!! hahahahaha


I love hairy chests. It's perfect for resting your head on.

i'm not a fan of body hair... and i don't see this new aesthetic or "real man", when i go to the beach i see a lot of men with legs, arms, chest waxed

The guys from Junior should either have gone all the way with "the cigarette on the cover" or have made no reference to it at all. A lighter with no cigarette looks silly and pointless... Needless to say Diego looks smoking hot on this pic though ;)

That is effing hot - the body, the face, the hair, the scruff! YUM!

Wow can we say gorgeous! the body and those eyes this has def made my day...

Finally some fur... well... at least a little. I amuses me that the "powers that be" in the model industry think slick or shaved is ALL. I agree with the comment about the cigarette lighter. In this day and age of "enlightenment" about the side effects of smoking... I would think any show of smoking is unacceptable. I certainly do.

This cover gives me a smile. Hair is coming back. Those who have had their's removed permanently are going to be out of luck. Nothing like being out of style and no way of changing it.

Smoking is the business of the smoker. A few cigarettes a day harm no one. It's not the tobacco, it's the chemical additives anyway. Real men smoke; some men do not. The number of accessible adult pleasures in this self-righteous time we live in, based on personal choice, is becoming less and less. Having said all of this, this guy is HOT! BTW, I've looked for the cigarette; I only see the lighter. So, what's the purpose of the lighter? Oh, sweet mysteries of life....

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